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Hillman Imp and Singer Chamois Conversions

Bred on England's racing circuits by Roger Nathan Racing Limited



This is undeniably the finest of any road conversion produced today for the Hillman Imp and Singer Chamois. Initially designed by Roger Nathan for the motorist requiring super sports car performance coupled with flexibility and reliability yet still retaining good petrol economy, it is also in great demand for RALLY USE. Bred on the race track the Stage 3 conversion is equaLLy suitable for the modern motorway or busy town.

Acceleration through the gears is phenomenal and maximum speed is 105 m.p.h.

Initial preparation is as Stage 2, but with furter extensive modifications to the cylinder head, which is supplied assembled. Compression ratio is raised further, ports are overbored to our specified diameter and blended in with re-shaped combustion chambers which are polished and mirror finished. Oversize inserts are fitted to accommodate speciaJ larger valves. The valve throats are further enlarged thus ensuring maximum vollume of mixture to the combustion chambers. Valve throats and ports are carefully blended to the required shape and diameter, and larger valves and stronger valve springs are fitted. The customer has the choice of either two S.U. carburettors with manifold to suit or one progressive twin choke down draught DCD Weber carburettor with mannifold to suit. Our own profile No. 3 camshaft and modified camshaft carrier are supplied with this conversion, together with specially contontoured four branch exhaust manifold and straight through silencer.

With head, carburettor and camshaft in exchange£129. 10. 0.
An electric fuel punp is preferable with this conversion and an S.U. pump can be supplied at an extra cost of£6. 15. 0.
Deposit required pending return of exchange parts£25.  0. 0.
Charge for fitting to car and road testing by Roger Nathan Racing Limited if required£23. 0. 0.

62 b.p.h. at 7000 r.p.m.     0-60 11.9 secs     Max top speed 105 m.p.h.

Postage and packing extra.


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