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Hillman Imp and Singer Chamois Conversions

Bred on England's racing circuits by Roger Nathan Racing Limited

     Roger Nathan's Hillman Imp - on the cover of his brochure

Contents of the brochure

Introductory letter by Roger Nathan 
What the papers say  
Stage 113.12.68
Stage 223.12.68
Stage 333.12.68
Stage 4
Full racing specification as fitted to our record-breaking works Imps
Stage 4
Imp racing engines
Recommended components for stage 4 racing engines63.12.68
Close ratio racing gearboxes73.12.68
Road speed
Engine speed graph for 4 speed gearbox using 13 x 5.50 tyres
Brake and suspension conversions93.12.68
Front radiator conversion105.7.68
Modified cylinder heads113.12.68
Carburettor kits123.12.68
Manifolds and silencers143.12.68
Lighweight magnesium alloy competition wheels163.12.68
Performance figures173.12.68
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