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Ref. C9454/H/1/25, Dec. 1972

1973 sees Chrysler going all-out to win. In Group 1 Saloon Car Racing. All major UK rallies. TV Rally Cross. Which is good news for all the motor sport enthusiasts who've been clamouring for special performance kits and parts for their Imps and Avengers.

So here they are - all you need, developed, tested and proved by Chrysler Competition Centre. We want you to get the best out of them, and we're ready and eager to give you free advice. So if you have a problem, just write, phone or call in to the Special Tuning Section.

We're also getting ready to meet your demand for purpose-built performance variants for racing and rallying. So now you can compete on equal terms in club and national events. Or simply improve your car to really outstanding road performance.

For three years in succession, the privately entered Imp prepared by George Bevan and driven by Bill McGovern has won the British Saloon Car Championship.

And in its first year's racing an Avenger GT (the Mopar Avenger) prepared by Chrysler Competitions Manager Des O'Dell and driven by Bernard Unett, has won its class and come second overall in the Britax Saloon Cal' Championship.

A similar car, driven by Colin Malkin, won Class 1 of the RAC Rally. And two privately-entered Avenger GTs took second and fourth place.

Join us on the starting line.


(3 pages of Avenger stuff)


Bring your Imp up to rally performance


998cc Performance Engine (CTS 1000)

998ccPerformance Engine (CTS 1000)

Complete 998cc engine, built to Imp Sport specification but with 998cc block and pistons. The power output of this unit is 65 bhp at 6000 rpm.

The engine comes complete with clutch, distributor, plugs, manifolds and carburettor.

If you prefer to build your own 998cc engine, we can supply a cylinder block, pistons and head gasket. To suit individual competition requirements a range of special parts is also available - such as modified cylinder heads, camshafts for road use, for rallying or for circuit racing, lightened flywheels, con rods and competition clutch.

Rootes Competition Exhaust - 1023A or 1023B

Competition Exhaust System

Competition inlet/exhaust manifold for twin DCOE Weber carburettors, equally suitable for racing and rallying (CTS 1023A).

Available also for rallying in a skidded form (CTS 1023B) mated up with transverse silencer kit (CTS 1024) which gives a legal noise level.

The air cleaner (CTS 1022) is essential for any dust or dirt driving, including road use.


Springs of varying heights and rates suitable for everything from fast road motoring to all types of competition, are available.

shock dampers

Shock Absorbers

CTS 1206 and 1207 are heavier duty versions of the standard fitting; CTS 1208 and 1209 are shock absorbers with competition settings for road use and club events; and CTS 1211 is for serious international competition use in the roughest conditions.

Negative Camber Kit (CTS 1201)

This kit consists of a pair of modified king pin carriers which, when fitted to a high pivot car, give ½° negative and, with low pivots, 2° negative.


Competition Brake Kit (CTS 1304)

Competition Brake Kit (CTS 1304)

Disc brake conversions, developed for racing and road rallies such as Motoring News Championship events. Alloy calipers are included, which are not suitable for general road use and should only be used on pure competition cars.

Lined BrakeShoes (CTS 1302 & 1303)

VG95 brake linings which, allied to brake drums in a good condition, give adequate braking for all except tbe most rigorous conditions.


Foot Brace Bar (CTS 1517)

Foot brace bar as fitted to thc passenger side of 'Works' cars, giving bracing for the navigator and a foot rest for the driver.

Heavy Duty Sump Guard (CTS 1601)

This is as used on 'Works' cars for rough road rallies and is capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of punishment. It covers both transaxle, sump and radiator.

Lightweight Sump Guard (CTS 1602)

This is just a skid which guards the sump and oil filter and is designed for smooth rallies and events such as Auto-cross.

Fibreglass Bonnet (CTS 1701)

Ready to accept all normal Imp fittings.

Fibreglass Boot Lid (CTS 1702)

Of Imp Sport pattern, ready to accept all normal Imp fittings.

Wheel-arch Extension Set (CTS 1704)

As homologated in Group 2. These require considerabie bodywork modification to allow wider wheels to be fitted and are only the external spats to cover the wider wheels. Competition Centre can advise on how to modify the bodywork.

Instrumentation Kits

Rallye dashboard (CTS 1502)

Rallye dashboard (CTS 1502) which accepts the normal switches etc. off pre-1969 cars. It also accepts the following instruments: 140 mph speedometer (CTS 1503); 200 kph speedometer (CTS 1504); 8000 rpm tachometer (CTS 1505); 2" fuel gauge (CTS 1506); 2" temperature gauge (CTS 1507); temperature gauge transmitter (CTS 1508).


Competition Alternator Kit (CTS 1118)

Alternator, ammeter, control box, all the brackets and wiring etc. to fit an Imp.


Lamp bar to mount four 7" lights, (CTS 1114)

7" Lucas Light Units of either Continental (driving) long range or fog type (CTS 1113). Lamp bar to mount four 7" lights, (CTS 1114).

High Flange Pulley sets (CTS 11lO & 11ll)

These stop the fanbelt flying off at over 7,500 rpm and alter the ratio of speeds of the water pump and either dynamo or alternator.

Engine Modifications for 875cc Engines

These are intended purely for road work. We do not recommend modifying Mk. 1 engines.

Twin 1.25 CD Kit (CTS 87501)

This is the normal Imp Sport set-up and is complete with air cleaner, and longer throttle cable.

Imp Sport CamsbaIt Kit (CTS 87502)

When fitting this kit to the standard Imp engine, remember that inlet valve stem oil seals should be removed.

Imp Sport Exbaust System (CTS 87503)

This is complete with all clips end brackets and represents a worthwhile improvement on standard.

Imp Sport Oil Cooler Kit (CTS 87504)

Complete with all parts necessary for the conversion, and supplied with a competition type cooler unit.

Modified Cylinder Head Kit (CTS 87505)

This is a Sport head with 10.4 : 1 compression ratio, opened up and polished exhaust port and reshaped inlet port, giving a very worthwhile power increase to both sport and standard engines (further modifications are required for use with a standard engine).

This is only a selection of the many kits and parts available for Imp and Avenger conversions. If you would like any more information, or simply to discuss possible future conversions even if you do not have anything currently in mind, we should be glad to talk things over with you. Just write, telephone or call in at Competition Centre. For detailed lists and prices please write, stating model, to:

Special Tuning Section, Chrysler Competition Centre,
PO Box 25, Humber Road, Coventry CV3 1BD
Telephone: Coventry 452144.

The last Works Imp ?

From: The last Works Imp ? / RH-E. - Cars & Car Conversions 1970, April. - p.424-425, 427
The last page of this magazine article lists the goodies on a Works Imp

How can you get hold of Rootes Works gear?

Parts are available on order either through the Rootes Main/ Area Dealers or direct from Competitions Department, Rootes Motors Ltd., Stoke, Coventry. Orders direct to 'Chez Rootes' must be accompanied by payment with order (cheques/PO's and Siberian Money Orders payable to Rootes Motors Ltd., and crossed Competition Department must include the appropriate loot for evil carriage).

How much - and what costs what - for Imp variants?

Competition short engine only -£132.
Group 6 mill, complete with Webers and manifold -£450.

(And now here goes with some of the part numbers and prices that were fitted to the Imp I tested, all with CTS/prefix, postage and package in brackets after each item).


CTS1201Negative camber kit (for use with high pivot point front links)£4 5s. set(5s.)
 1202RAC heavy duty front coil spring to raise the car£2 1Os.(4s.)
 1203RAC heavy duty rear coil spring to raise car£4 7s. 6d.(5s.)
 1208Armstrong adjustable AT9 front shock absorbers£6 10s.(3s. 6d.)
 1209Armstrong adjustable AT9 rear shock absorber RH.£6(3s. 6d.)
 1210Armstrong adjustable AT9 rear shock absorber L H.£6 (3s. 6d.)
 7102066Mod. Competition front suspension link-offside for high pivot point car£7(10s.)
 7102067Mod. Competition front suspension linknearside for high pivot point car£7(10s.)
 7103184 Mod. Competition rear link-offside£9 16s(10s.)
 7103185Mod. Competition rear link-nearside£9 16s.(10s.)
 7102001Mod. Competition rear cross member£7 11s.(8s.)

Interior modifications

 15034 in. speedometer with trip mph£8 10s. 6d. (5s)(5s.)
 15054 in. 8000 rpm revolution counter neg. earth£11 16s. 6d.(5s.)
 15062 in. fuel gauge £3 2s.(3s. 6d.)
 15072 in. Water temperature gauge£2 10s.(35. 6d.)
 1508Transmitter unit£1 3s.(1s. 3d.)
 151215 in. leather rim steering wheel with boss - flat£8 5s.(6s.)
CTS1513Reclining adiustable rally seat RH £20(18s.)
 1514Reclining adjustable rally seat LH £20(18s.)
 151610.000 revolution counter-negative or positive earth£10 16s.(5s.)

Wheels and anchors

 1215Minilite alloy wheels 6J x 12 in.£18 18s.(12s.)
  Wheel nuts for alloy wheels:  
  + 1 off spacer length (per pack of 18)£6 19s.(2s. 6d.)
 1217Wheel spacers for alloy wheels:  
 1220 to increase track width ¾ in.
(The spacers are in pairs only - so if you require to increase the track front and rear, then a double amount will be required.)
1 pair £1 8s. (2s. 6d)
  Discs on front with DS11 Pads at least £90 (or more!)
but only to special order
 1303VG95 Brake shoes rear£3 per pair(4s. 6d.)


 1601Heavy duty sump guard (Covers sump and transaxle) weight 50 lbs.£23(£1)
 1603Radiator stone guard£5 17s. 6d(8s.)
 1604Interior roll over bar-complete and ready to fit£8(15s.)
 87504 Oil Cooler kit and
longer than ordinary kits Group 6 piping to fit away from Weber and ducting
£13 10s. (£1)

998 engine goodies

 1001Wet Liner Cylinder block assy.£45(£1)
 1002Wet Liner£3 8s.(3s.)
 1004 Pistons - for use with a 1.375 in. inlet large valved head grades A.B.C.£4 17s.(2s. 6d.)
 1005Tuftrided crankshaft£23 10s(£1 5s.)
 1006Con-rod balanced£8 14s. (set of 4)(6s)
 1007Lightweight Flywheel£6 17s. 6d.(8s.)
 1008Competition clutch cover assy.£4 10s.(10s.)
 1009Competition clutch driven plate£3 5s.(5s.)
 1015 Competition cylinder heads can be built upon request
with 1.375 in. inlet valves and fully opened out inlet ports, to Group 6 specification. Standard gasket fitting £70
 10161.375 Inlet valve£2(1s)
 10171.375 Inlet valve seats£1 10s.(9d.)
 1018Racing valve springs£2 10s.(1s)
 1019Cylinder head gasket£2 5s.(2s. 6d.)
 1020Front 40 DCOE Weber Carburettor£22 15s.(15s.)
 1021Rear 40 DCOE Weber Carburettor£22 15s.(15s.)
 1022Air cleaner assy. for twin 40 DCOE Carb.£70(8s.)
 1023B Combined inlet/exhaust manifold for use with twin 40 DCOE carburettor modified for 'Rally' use£30(15s.)
 1024Competition exhaust silencer for use with manifold  
CTS1023A and B rear mounted kit)£11(10s.)
 1031R17 .36 in. lift camshaft - road, rally£16 10s.(6s.)
 1034Multi holed timing sprocket for use with .36 in. lift camshaft£1(1s. )
 1035Modified carrier for use with .36 in. lift camshaft (including bearings)£5 6s.(6s.)
 1036Comp. Static Distributor£10(10s.)
 1037Oil Pump Skew Gear (Bronze)£5 10s.(10s.)
 1038Weber 'O' Rings 2s. 6d.(1s.)
 1041Piston Ring Set (1 piston Set)15s.(3s.)
 1042Group 6 Valve Cups3s.(3s.)
 1043Group 6 Tappets5s.(3s.)

Misc. bits used

 1103Competition engine mounting set£2 10s.(5s.)
 1104 Competition rotoflex couplings£5 16s.(3s.)
 1105Castellated nuts and washers -rear hubs£6 15s. per pair (2s. 6d.)
 1106Loctite kit -for use on all engine bolts£1(3s.)
 1107Heavy duty fan belt9s. 6d.(3s.)
 1110Alloy pulley set for use with Alternator£14(4s.)
 1112 Rally Ratio Set
1st 14.95:1
2nd 8.90:1,
3rd 6.18:1,
4th 4.48:1
(The above ratio only fits vehicles manufactured after October 1968.)
 11137 in. Lucas 'Rally' special iodine light units£7 14s. 3d.
(Works Specification)
 1114'Works' lamp bracket to accept 4 7 in. light units£9 
 1115Competition Steering Rack assy. complete with H/Duty Track Rods£13 
 1116Full harness Safety Belts complete with attachments£6 6s. 
 111710 gallon Alloy Petrol Tank kit£36 
 1044 Competition Big End bearings&£2 10s. 
 1045Competition Main bearings£2 
 1046Competition Thrust bearing7s. 6d. 
 1047Competition Distributor Contact Set8s. 
 1048Competition large-Capacity Sump£10 
 1049Block Bottom End Strengthening Kit£16 10s. 
 1050Double Throttle kit for Twin Webers
Complete with operating Cams, Twin Cables, Fitling Bks., Throttle Pedal
£16 1Os. 


Hunter Export heavyduty crossflow four row, top taken off, soldered off, topped up from the back of the car at a header tank, made out of an Imp rad cut down 1 in. diameter aluminium piping, plus convoluted hosing to link and shape. To Special order and price!

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