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Taurus Performance Tuning Ltd.

   Taurus Performance Tuning Ltd.

Taurus Performance Tuning Limited

old address, valid at least up till Autumn 1968      
Childs Place
Earls Court Road
London SW5
  Lloyd's House
Cheshire, SK9 3HR

C.E. Merchant (Managing)
C. Heaton-Armstrong B.Sc.
O.C.H. Baxter M.A.

Taurus marketed a wide range of quality tested equipment for improving the performance, safety and comfort.

The vast majority of their equipment they sold through retail outlets, such as garages and accessory shops. In 1968 there were about 80 Taurus appointed agents and they were continuing to expand in that direction, saying that there were still wide gaps in our U.K. network which they were always seeking to fill satisfactorily. Sales Manager P. Surtees:

"We make no excessive stocking requirements of our Agents and aim to despatch orders with the minimum of delay rather than insist on their holding stocks of our entire range. Normal trade discount is 15% but, on appointment, the Agents discount structure applies."

They carried out reasonably extensive national advertising, and received their share of editorial publicity. All enquiries resulting from this were replied to promptly by Taurus.


Taurus had a separate workshop in Kent which deals with modifying engines and suspension to customers requirements and specifications on an individual basis.

Suspension / Handling

Taurus, 4th April 1968:
Basically the Hillman Imp handles best utilizing

Suspension springs can be set to any given ride height, whether the car is to be used for rallying or race use. Other than this the suspension needs very little attention other than

Cylinder heads

Taurus are recognised as one of the leading companies in the field of cylinder head modification. Our wide range combines the latest developments and techniques with the finest workmanship and finish and represents the best value obtainable in tuning equipmant.

GO-AHEAD cylinder heads are the first step in obtaining improved performance from the standard engine. Latest design and top quality workmanship ensure maximum power whilst retaining standard valve sizes.

CONTINENTAL cylinder heads are designed to be used with other Taurus equipment and are recommended for those who require spectacular road performance. These heads are more extensively modified than the GO-AHEAD and in general employ larger valves.

Further stages of modification are available, up to full race specification. All Taurus cylinder heads are fully assembled before delivery and can be easily fitted. Kits include all necessary gaskets etc., and detailed fitting instructions.

Taurus Cylinder Head (TCH) 1 Rootes and 2 Rootes (1R; 2R)

Part no.DescriptionExchange priceDepositApplication
TCH 1R/CContinental (& TC 1R cam)49. 0. 0.25. 0. 0.Imp I, Chamois I
TCH 2RGo-Ahead (& TC 1R cam)39. 0. 0.25. 0. 0.Imp II, Chamois II
TCH 6RGo-Ahead (& TC 2R cam)44. 0. 0.25. 0. 0.Imp Sport, Chamois Sport

Carriage and packing on all heads £1. 10. O.

Race heads can be produced for any of the above to special order and are manufactured to customers requirements- race, raIly, autocross etc.


Taurus Camshafts are designed and developed to suit the individual models for which they are recommended. The profiles of these camshafts are extremely sophisticated and are all mathematically computerized, using sine-wave acceleration palterns, to give minimum valve mechanism stress. Each profile is cut from a master 5 times actual size to ensure complete accuracy within .0002" on the shaft.

TAURUS SPORTS CAMSHAFTS are designed to glve the best possible increase in power in the middle and top rev range, without significantly changing low speed flexibilility and aee thus ideal for normal road use. When used in conjunction with other engine modifications, they will give an increase in power over the entire rev range, particu1arly at the top end.

TAURUS SUPER SPORTS CAMSHAFTS are designed primarily for high power output and therefore some loss of low speed torque is inevitable. They are best used in conjunction with other engine modifications and wi11 produce a high output for competition, while still being usable on the road.

TAURUS COMPETITION CAMSHAFTS give the ultimate in power. When used in engines otherwise suitably modified, they produce highly competitive power outputs and have been responsible for numerous racing successes. Because of the peaky power curve and the stresses which are p1aced on the valve gear, it is not recommended that these cams be fitted to cars used for day to day motoring.

Part no.Exchange priceDescriptionApplication
TC 1R12. 0. 0.SportsAll Imp except 998 or Sport
TC 2R16. 0. 0.Half RaceAll Imp
TC 5R25. 0. 0.RaceAll Imp
TC 6R25. 0. 0.RaceImp 998 only

All Imp camshafts cutright price.

Oil Temperature Thermostat

Oil Temperature Thermostat; Taurus Oil-statOil-stat for use with oil coolers. Optimum engine oil temperature in all weather conditions.

Correct control of the temperature of your engine oil is vital to the life and efficiency of your engine -even more so than the water temperature. Oil which is cold or running below the proper operating temperature causes

The fitting of an oil cooler increases the risk of overcooling, particularly in cold weather.

To eliminate these dangers Taurus have developed the OIL-STAT, which will thermostatically control the temperature of the engine oil. The Taurus OIL-STAT has been warmly welcomed by experts in the field of lubrication and represents a major breakthrough. It is available as a separate unit for use with existing oil coolers and has also been incorporated into the highly successful range of Taurus Oil Coolers to provide the finest and safest oil temperature control equipment currently available.

With the invention of the OIL-STAT, it is now possible for your car to have the degree of control over oil temperature which hitherto has only been available on aircraft engines.

To enable you to maintain supervision of your engine oil temperature, Taurus have made provision for an oil temperature gauge take-off in the OIL-STAT. A Smith's temperature gauge kit to fit this is available at a price of £3.10.0.


The TAURUS universal oil-stat consists of a precision die-cast and machined block which is fitted into the flexible pipes leading to the oil-cooler element. The blody of the oil-stat consists of a thermostatic element which acts as a full-flow bypass, bringing the oil-cooler into action progressively as the oil temperature rises. The oil temperature is maintained at the optimum level of 75°C, ± 5°C.

The TAURUS oil-stat gives you

The Taurus OIL-STAT can be fitted to cars already equipped with oil coolers; alternatively it can be fitted in conjunction with Taurus oil cooler kits, as listed below.
PRICE OF OIL-STAT £4. 19. 6. (Oil Temp Gauge £3. 10. 09 )

Part no.PriceApplication
TOC 1R17. 10. 0.Imp & Chamois, all models

Non/Thermostatic kits are available for any of the above kits at £4 reduction in price.
P & P on all kits 5/..

SL.13 Feb. '68

Thermostatic Oil Coolers

Each Taurus thermostatic Oil Cooler is specifically designed for the car it is to fit. The kit consists of a race-pattern ultra light-weight aluminium element with all the necessary mounting brackets for its easy fitting. The elements are designed for a maximum working pressure of about 150 psi. and have a bursting pressure of over 400 psi.

The lengths of high pressure, cotton-braid, reinforced hosing with oil resistant neopreen rubber lining are supplied ready fitted with quality cadmium plated connectors. Adaptors also supplied as required as are special aluminium sandwich plates which fit between the oil filter housing and bowl and are fully machined and supplied with all necessary rubber 'O' rings for effective sealing.

Kit Part No. 1R has 10 tube elements.

The Oil-Stat is a precision die cast aluminium unit which acts as a thermostatic valve.

Comprehensive fitting instructions are supplied with each kit, but all Oil Cooler Kits can be fitted at the Taurus Tuning Centre, at Taurus Agents throughout the country, or at any competent garage.

Part. no.PriceApplication
TOC 1R17. 10. 0.Imp & Chamois, all models

Non/Thermostatic kits are availab1e for at a £4 reduction in price. P & P 5/0

Woodrim & Leather Steering Wheels

All wheels have highly polished high tensile aluminium alloy spokes and are fitted with lightweight aluminium or black centre bosses. Designed to accept the anufacturers original horn button.

Taurus woodrim wheels have an all enclosed steel rim for maximum strength and safety and the laminated woodrim is carefully profiled and highly polished for luxury feel and appearance.

Taurus leather wheels are Beautifully hand trimmed in black leather and cross stitched to remove the obtrusive seam. A cellular neoprene foam underlay ensures a comfortable grip and the exceptionaily strong metal rim provides strength and safety.

ApplicationWoodrimLeather rim    
  Size Price Size Price Size Price Part. no.
Hillman Imp & variants
Hunter range all models
incl. Minx, Vogue, Gazelle
15" £7.19.6. 15" £9.2.0. 13½" £9.5.0.TSW ZR

Folder, undated (1969?):

Taurus logo
Taurus (font)


Performance figures

Imp (Chamois) fitted with TAURUS cylinder head (130)

0-30 m.p.h.3.9(6.1)secs.
0-40 m.p.h.7.8(9.7)secs.
0-50 m.p.h.10.8(15.9)secs.
0-60 m.p.h.16.5(22.9)secs.
0-70 m.p.h.29.0(39.2)secs.
Max. speed89.9(80.8)m.p.h.

Making an excellent car superb. Over 10 secs. off 0-70 m.p.h. time.

Imp (Chamois) fitted with
- TAURUS cylinder head (130)
- TAURUS carb. kit (330)
- TAURUS exhaust manifold and silencer (530)

0-30 m.p.h.3.5(6.1)secs.
0-40 m.p.h.5.2(9.7)secs.
0-50 m.p.h.8.3(15.9)secs.
0-60 m.p.h.11.9(22.9)secs.
0-70 m.p.h.16.5(39.2)secs.
Max. speed96.5(80.8)m.p.h.

Less than half time to 70 m.p.h. and fantastic power all the way into the 90s

Sunbeam Imp Sport (and 875 c.c. variants) fitted with TAURUS cylinder head (131)

0-30 m.p.h.3.5(4.9)secs.
0-40 m.p.h.5.3(7.6)secs.
0-50 m.p.h.8.8(11.1)secs.
0-60 m.p.h.11.9(16.1)secs.
0-70 m.p.h.16.0(22.7)secs.
Max. speed96.8(90.0)m.p.h.

Tremendous power increase all through the range.

Cylinder Heads

Recognised as among the best available, TAURUS Cylinder Heads incorporate the latest developments and techniques to give the best value obtainable in tuning equipment. TAURUS Cylinder Heads are supplied fully assembled with all necessary fitments. Further stages of modification are available to special order.

Stock No.ApplicationPriceDeposit*
130Imp (Mk. 1 and 2), Chamois (Mk. 1 and 2)£40£20
131Imp and Chamois Sport, Sunbeam Stiletto£48£21


TAURUS Camshafts are manufactured to computerised standards using Sine-Wave patterns to give accuracy to within .0002 in. TAURUS Camshafts give increased power throughout the rev. range.

Stock No.ApplicationPriceDeposit*
230 (Sports)Imp (Mk. 1 and 2), Chamois (Mk. 1 and 2)£9£6
231 (Super Sports)Imp (Mk. 1 and 2), Chamois (Mk. 1 and 2), Chamois Sport£16£8
232 (Race)Imp (Mk. 1 and 2), Chamois (Mk. 1 and 2), Chamois Sport£25£10
233 (Race)Imp (998 cc. only)£25£10

* Deposits on Cylinder Heads and Camshafts are included in the purchase price, and are refundable on return of existing unit.


Carburettor Kits

Utilising S.U., Stromberg and Weber carburettors with unique TAURUS Inlet Manifolds, TAURUS Carburettor Kits ensure maximum performance and flexibility.

Stock No.DescriptionApplicationPrice
   £ sd
330Twin 125CDImp and Chamois3400
331Twin 150CDImp and Chamois and Sports3660

Inlet Manifolds

As supplied with TAURUS Carburettor Kits, TAURUS Inlet Manifolds are the result of extensive dynamometer and flow-rig testing, and ensure optimum gas flow, giving maximum performance and flexibility.

Stock No.DescriptionApplicationPrice
   £ sd
430Twin 125 and 150 CDImp and Chamois and Sports1000

Exhaust Manifolds

TAURUS Manifolds are manufactured to scientifically tuned designs, and are essential to ensure efficient exhaust extraction and engine efficiency. TAURUS Exhaust Manifolds give the ultimate in exhaust efficiency when used with TAURUS Silencers.

Stock No.ApplicationPrice
  £ sd
530Imp and Chamois (with Silencer)16100

Oil Cooler Kits

TAURUS Thermostatic Oil Cooler Kits incorporate the unique TAURUS "OIL-STAT" which maintains oil temperature at an optimum temperature of approximately 80°C. TAURUS Oil Cooler Kits are supplied with all necessary components and are essential for touring and high-speed motoring.

Stock No.ApplicationPrice
  £ sd
730 (10 row)Imp and Chamois15100

Also available



on the "straight-through" principle, with big bore, heavy duty, chrome tail pipefrom400

Air Filters

finished in bright nickel chrome to fit most carburettorsfrom3000

Rocker covers

black crackle or polished alloy, complete with filler cap, to fit the more popular modelsfrom4150


the unique TAURUS oil temperature control device, for cars with fitted oil coolers 3196

Wheel spacers

Complete with heat treated extra length studs to increase track by up to 1½"from2100




Taurus performance tuning for Rootes Hillman Imp Singer Chamois etc. - folder [PDF, 336kB = low res.]

Improved performance Test: Taurus tuned Hillman Imp. - Autocar 1965, July. - p.226-227

Improving an Imp: Nick Brittan samples a Taurus-tuned Imp producing startling performance figures. - Popular Motoring 1965, October Speed shop special ; no. 6. 3 pages

Imp improvements. - Cars and Car Conversions 1966, September. - p.185-188
About the accessories and equipment available for the Imp.
reprint in Unique Master Portfolio. - p.46-49
according to reprint dated 1967

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